Monday, January 10, 2011


This past year was full of newness for me. I got my first sewing machine and have been slowly learning to sew. I found out in April of last year that I was pregnant. That opened up a whole other world of newness for me, one that I have slowly started to get the hang of since November when my son was born. I moved to a new house. I got married. I have become financially independent of my parents. It was really the first year that I truly felt like a grown up.

And now it's a new year. Of course with a new year comes new resolutions. I have one all-encompassing resolution: to start keeping promises to myself. To those who know me very well, I am somewhat notorious for saying that I'm going to do something (i.e. lose weight, start a blog, write a paper) and then not following through (or maybe not even starting). This is the year that stops!

Yes, this blog is part of that resolution. The past year I have been devouring craft and food blogs. I love reading about new projects and new recipes. I have been so inspired by all you bloggers out there that I've decided to finally strike out on my own and share my projects, too.

I've called this blog The Newbie because that's what I am when it comes to many different crafts like cooking, sewing, building, collage, you name it. But I see the amazing things that all these people do and I want to do it all! So here we are. This will be a place that I share what inspires me and all the trial and error that will inevitably go along with all this newness. Welcome!

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