Thursday, September 22, 2011

Weekly Inspiration

Autumn is finally coming! The maple trees are starting to turn and the weather today is fantastic! I've been pinning autumn ideas like crazy. Here's what's been inspiring me this week:

Pottery Barn inspired decor. Megan at Polish the Stars gives a tutorial on staining the fabric, printing directly onto fabric and making this lovely wall hanging. Perfect for Halloween.

This would be great to make with some thrift store wool sweaters or even just craft felt.

Pumpkins and sewing-- two of my favorite things! I think it beats the traditional tomato any day.

Dana at Made always delivers! This post is what made me start following her blog. I've got a lot of leftover fall color felts that will be great for this.

So simple and so lovely.

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Easy, simple fall decor. I'm going to print it and hang it on the fridge. :)

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Oh, how I wish it looked like that here! Breathtaking!

I love the fall. It's my favorite time of year. What's been inspiring you this week?

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